Sidetrack Services


We offer several effective solutions for sidetracking in a cased well as window milling or continuous casing section milling.

Global Drilling Solutions provides window milling services in the casing strings of all sizes ranging from 140 to 245 mm.

The service is performed by highly qualified specialists with many years of practical experience in the window milling in the casing strings.

During the design phase, we pay special attention to the next stage of the cycle of well construction. We choose the optimal diameter and exclude the risk of failure of a bottom-hole assembly (BHA) for drilling to go through the milled window.

We have successfully mastered and applied window milling technology in the construction of multilateral wells. The experts GDS have milled more than 50 wells.

The rate of growth in our service supporting window milling in the casing string clearly indicates the quality and efficiency of our service.

GDS provides a full range of services for sidetracking, including installation and orientation of the whipstock, window milling, drill bit service, down-hole drilling motor service, directional drilling using our own telemetry system while drilling, jars, elements of BHA, as well as the drilling fluid service.

Jars and BHA Components Renting

Global Drilling Solutions leases out various number of BHA products, such as axial and torsional jars for drilling and workover operations, BHA components (stabilizers, centralizers, dampers, bit protectors, string reciprocators).

Completion services

Global Drilling Solutions casing and tubular running services are the right choices for efficient completion of casing, tubular running.

Drilling Fluid Services

Global Drilling Solutions provide drilling fluids service since 2008. Our engineers from drilling mud department drilled more than 350 wells in different geological conditions.