Drilling Fluid Services


Global Drilling Solutions provide drilling fluids service since 2008. Our engineers from drilling mud department drilled more than 350 wells in different geological conditions. Our partners and customers are the major oil and gas companies.

We ready to provide service for engineering and technical support of drilling fluids. Reputation and respect for these services indicate that we only satisfy the needs of our customers.

GDS hold modern mobile accommodation and field laboratory, these assets are equipped with international and local standards. Qualified engineers provide measuring of parameters and properties of fluids according to the API standards using technologically modern equipment.

To maximise resources and rich our goals with meeting all standards our engineers ready to control all processes with the use of  software:

  • Process for calculation and designing hydraulic parameters of drilling.
  • Process for selection fractional composition of colmatant where is used a new methodology of selection fractional composition of colmatant by Vickers criterion including as Abram’s theory so Kauffer’s (perfect-package theory) implicative more precise selection of fractions for big, medium, small and intermediate pores if formation.

The GDS Oil Mud Laboratory retort analysis is a standard guide for controlling the oil/water ratio, which influences the viscosity and filtration of the oil mud. Labware and reagents are included for demulsification and for the determination of the aniline point, alkalinity, calcium, and chloride content. Everything is housed in a convenient stainless steel cabinet with lots of storage space and shelving for ease of usage.

Managers from drilling fluid department ready on 24/7 to provide you though local and regional representatives. Central laboratory in Binegedi, Azerbaijan will support and service all your needs and objects.

GDS drilling muds service offers its solutions for drilling and completion of deep and ultra-deep wells sidetracks in difficult mining and geological conditions in form of own drilling mud systems and process liquidsService engineers are highly qualified and have extensive experience in performing work in various geological conditions.

Integrated Drilling Service

Integrated 24/7 based well design and drilling service will manage the system and simplify your drilling operations, well design, and well construction with the integration of all aspects into the one.


Coring is the service necessary to study the geological conditions of the formation.

Laboratory Research

Drilling Fluids Testing Laboratory and Cementing Laboratory are our research base hub that having the full cycle of scientific and technical research on the development and implementation of advanced developments in the area of drilling muds, spacer fluids and cementing materials.