MWD and LWD services


Global Drilling Solutions offers LWD, and MWD technologies designed to reliably and effectively meet a full range of drilling operational requirements. From comprehensive experience around the world, our tools and services enable operators to increase drilling efficiency and drive performance.

Beyond direction and inclination data, formation evaluation, and more, MWD services play a key role in driving drilling optimization and efficiency by minimizing invisible lost time and ensuring no ROP limitation occurs while drilling because of data transmission rates.

Obtaining measurements while drilling enables operators to save time by acquiring formation evaluation and drilling optimization data, which also helps minimize doglegs.

Fit-for-purpose MWD services provide continuous direction and inclination measurements on a real-time basis. GDS renders measuring while drilling services in drilling directional and horizontal wells using own systems with mud pulse including the ability to use a gamma-ray module.

Our MWD system includes:

  • retrieving module
  • battery module
  • navigation module (inclination)
  • transmitting module (pulser)
  • gamma-ray module
  • joining module (centralizers).

Currently, we offer an optimal and effective solution, for specialists engaged in drilling directional and horizontal wells to use our platform and software that ultimately proved their values.

GDS also provides a wide range of LWD technologies. Logging while drilling tools and engineers are ready to work to rich your targets. We can support your business in order to increase ROP, improve wellbore stability and hole quality, also to optimize well placement and reservoir exposure to maximum production rate.

Our LWD service acquires high-quality data which helps our clients to be better informed on structural and lithological parameters of the subsurface. So you can work proactively as you drill. Each drilling tool or service deployment is supported by field-proven GDS QA/QC, maintenance, and documentation procedures for smooth operation and minimal NPT. Our products are available on a sale or rental basis, depending on customer need.


Global Drilling Solutions offers high-performance downhole tools for your hole enlargement needs, we provide services for reaming operations of any difficultyes with using own tools.

Jars and BHA Components Renting

Global Drilling Solutions leases out various number of BHA products, such as axial and torsional jars for drilling and workover operations, BHA components (stabilizers, centralizers, dampers, bit protectors, string reciprocators).

Wellsite Drill Bits services

Global Drilling Solutions is redefining how a bit should interact with the formation—by the constant communicating with our customers and understanding exactly what they need.