Global Drilling Solutions can provide a wide selection of jars, intensifiers and shock tool suppliers in our portfolio dependent on customer needs and budget, which have proven reliability in the industry. Drilling jars can significantly reduce the risk of expensive equipment loss and the substantial costs of plugging back and sidetracking.

GDS supports customers with recommended solutions to avoid unnecessary reaming runs after drilling is completed, or during drilling applications to smoothen the well bore from ledges, doglegs, tortuosity and swelling formations eliminating post reaming runs decreasing stuck BHAs and allowing for easier casing running.

Main advantages are:

  • Singular case thread (between body and bottom sub).
  • Absence of extreme loads to hydraulic cylinder appearing during jar performance.
  • The ability of quick repair by changing the hydraulic cylinder.


Global Drilling Solutions offers stabilizers with straight and spiral blades. These stabilizers can work in formations of various categories of hardness.


Underreaming while drilling improves drilling performance while enhancing borehole quality.